Meals often don’t add a lot of emotional or intellectual nutrition to a conference. By combining dinner with a storytelling session not only can you add inspiration and entertainment to an otherwise mundane evening, you can reinforce your conference theme. Before the main course Justin Cohen will present his inspirational keynote presentation: What’s your story? During dinner, around each table, every guest will have to tell a story that relates to the theme such as:

• How I overcame my toughest service challenge
• The most important leadership lesson I ever learned. Or
• My most memorable moment with the company

The top story from each table will be chosen. This person will come up after desert and share their story with everyone. Justin will employ his expert facilitation skills to draw out the key lessons from each story. All of the main storytellers will receive a copy of Justin’s book: “The Astonishing Power of Story” and the best story will win a bigger prize. Story telling takes an ordinary dinner and turns into a memorable, entertaining and educational event that consolidates the conference theme.

To book Justin, contact the USB Team on: 011 465 4410
Call:  Paul directly on 083 268 6057