InterContinental Hotels & Resorts has released the second in its series of Insider Guides, an informative guide which collates the best of local InterContinental insider knowledge and external industry perspectives to empower guests during their travels. Titled the Insider Guide to the Perfect Business Dinner, the 28 page glossy manual will enable guests to make informed decisions when they plan or attend a business dinner in a city away from home.

In this guide, guests will learn the five essential ingredients that need to be taken into consideration when planning, hosting or attending a business dinner. The manual includes practical tips and do’s and don’ts that take into account cultural nuances in different countries across Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Amongst other topics, guests will also find useful advice on the various ways of greeting, general rules of conversation and the value people place on attire and gifts in different countries.

Bruce Ryde, Director, Brand Management, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts said, “The business world has changed. These days, formal meetings in an office setting can only take you so far; the meal outside of the boardroom is what’s integral to building that positive relationship with partners. Over the years we have welcomed thousands of guests into our restaurants and the Insider Guide series now give us the opportunity to share the insider knowledge we have gained from the many successful business dinners we’ve helped facilitate.”

Phil Broad, Vice President, Food & Beverage, IHG Asia, Middle East & Africa said, “With the experience we’ve gained helping to plan business meals across more than 300 restaurants at our InterContinental hotels in 27 countries across Asia, Middle East and Africa, we understand what goes into making it a success. Whether you are a seasoned host or planning your first business meal outside of your own city, this guide to the perfect business dinner will equip you with all you need to build that business relationship outside the boardroom.”

The InterContinental Insider Guide to The Perfect Business Dinner features advice from business professionals such as prominent South African engineering consultant Mogan Govender. A seasoned business dinner host, Govender advises dinner planners to pay attention to certain essentials such as ensuring ample parking space for guests – an element often overlooked. He adds that in a multicultural society such as South Africa, hosts should always find out who their guests are before selecting the venue so as to be sensitive to their dietary requirements.

The Insider Guide will be available in English in InterContinental hotels and resorts across South Africa.

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