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Every MICE venue with and without accommodation has major highlights for specific types of buyers (end-users).

Clients of MICE venues vary in their requirements and search on a constant basis to find what is ‘out there’ dependent on the capacity and in particular the nature of the actual programme and it’s priorities.

Too often a MICE venue is booked based on a set of criteria that bears little resemblance to the needs of the programme.  Also consideration as to the preferences of the delegation is a further consideration which is usually low on the priority side at the commencement of the planning process.

It is oft commented that a MICE venue can do miracles no matter the layout and add-ons as long as effective personnel are in place and relationships have been established.

The challenge however is that the turn-over in competent MICE venue personnel is such that planners cannot afford to be complacent albeit with hotel group contracts in place.

The Academy has a unique tried and tested Fit-for-Purpose assessment programme which pinpoints the highlights of each MICE venue together with the type of client best-suited to meet their requirements.

Added to the assessment – are a list of pointers specifically related to the MICE venue which will enhance the venue’s highlights.

With over 3 500 South African MICE venues and at least 2 000 in Gauteng – competition is fierce for market share especially in the 200 and less capacity venues.

Once the Fit-for-Purpose assessment is finalised, the Academy brings the MICE venue’s highlights to the attention of the potential clients on a regular basis – this is proving a popular feature – for higher visibility – which is being extended to the Academy’s website.

‘The take-up has been positive – especially by procurement departments wishing to add to the preferred supplier list of venues’.

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