CLA Brand and Event Engineering believe in building relationships with its clients in order to execute successful events.

Annual events are very important for corporate clients; it’s their opportunity to come together as a company and communicate milestones achieved as well as their vision for the future. With this in mind, it’s vital that as an eventing company one understands the corporate culture of your client and the objectives of the event.

CLA Brand and Event Engineering understands the importance of working closely with client to manifest their vision. “In the interest of executing the brief well and exceeding expectations, we ensure that we immerse ourselves in the corporate culture of our clients,” notes Michael Collyer, COO of CLA.

The recent Siemens 5 Cs Awards evening executed by CLA highlights the fact that a long-term relationship and mutual trust is key to producing great results. “We ensured a continuous line of communication with the head of Corporate Communications, José Machado, and his team,” says Collyer.

“Working with them is a wonderful experience as they are able to give clear guidelines while being creative and broad-minded in their approach. This means we can push the boundaries, implement innovative executions and produce a truly world-class event.”

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