The MICE industry knows when they are on to a good thing.  And certainly the Academy’s CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Programme is proving to be a winner with knowledgeable and experienced event planners.

As planners are discovering – the online CPD programme allows them, in their own time, and at their own pace to be tested on a wide range of MICE topics.  The back-up pre-test material also provides fresh insights and possible improvements on a wide range of updates which are so essential in today’s ever-changing MICE industry. Whether modern lighting in a sustainable environment, recognising the generation gaps, serious trends to be considered or new tricks in volume catering to name but a few of the preparation subjects – event planners are finding that they can only gain from joining the ever-increasing on-line registrants.

The steps are easy, to start gaining credits. The first step is to register, the second step is to read the way to undertake the tests, the third step – and most important – is to read the preparation material which applies to that particular test.

The event manager is then ready to take the online test.  There is also a demo test so that one can get ‘the feel’ of the test process before plunging into the test methodology.

Once the online process is familiar to the experienced MICE planner, the online CPD MICE programme becomes second nature.

Commented an Academy spokesperson ‘The advantages of going online with the myriad of CPD programme benefits are just too numerous to mention’ A few of the features are: confidentiality, available 24/7, time-saving, instant scoring mechanism plus ongoing reminders and updates from the Academy as well as the ultimate recognition and reward during MARKEX 2014.

The last word from a registered events manager says it all: ‘This is fantastic for event planning and our organisation has registered our entire event planning department personnel – so that we can all have the opportunity of gaining credits’

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