If meeting planners needed the ultimate occasion to discover all there is to know about green MICE, the Event Greening Forum’s conference on Monday 24th February during Meetings Africa at the Sandton Convention Centre is a ‘must attend’ morning.

The EGF has planned a stellar half-day which will witness eleven presenter’s describing in brief detail their perspective as well as good advise on greening. From tourism authorities, hotel establishments, tour operators, green websites, certification programmes as well as convention centres – a dynamic display of everything one needs to know will be reveal and shared.

For the serious participants who need to ask specific questions of importance respectively – the EGF have devised an enterprising coffee-table opportunity following the 11 presentations.  The concept allows delegates to select which presenters their questions are most suited to be answered.

The best part is that all are welcomed as the guests of the EGF with all attending on a complimentary basis.

It is anticipated that high delegation volumes are likely hence book early by checking the EGF website or calling as soon as you are able.