Registration for SAACI 2014 opened on 31 January and is well underway.  Special early bird rates apply up to and including Meetings Africa, after which delegates will also have the opportunity to pay their registration fees off in three separate instalments if this suits their pockets a little better.

It is high season in St Lucia, so SAACI members are urged to book their accommodation as soon as possible to avoid the alternative of camping with the hippos.  Accommodation in St Lucia is well priced despite its popularity, and most within walking distance of the St Lucia Conference Centre and town hall.

The theme is warm, casual and relaxed with no stilettos, business suits or ties needed.  SAACI 2014 also promises to be a greener congress, with minimal paper, and recycled lanyards.  There will be no special lanyards printed for the 2014 Congress and delegates will be requested to dig deep into their office drawers and bring out all those pre-loved conference lanyards that lie about gathering dust.  It could become quite a talking point about which conferences you have previously attended.  If you forget to bring a lanyard, not to worry, we will have some spare ones on hand – although this may incur a small fine, proceeds of which will go to Project Rhino.

The Programme Committee has also been hard at work trying to find topics of interest and relevance to match the diversity of all SAACI members, so watch this space.

There are lots of sponsorship opportunities available.

For more please e-mail