Weekly update highlighting the progress of the online CPD MICE Programme of interest and follow-up by subscribers/registrants and experienced individuals in all sectors of the MICE industry who strive to progress their knowledge towards a higher standard of professionalism and be recognised and rewarded accordingly.

The Academy receive about two new registrants per day from the corporate/association markets

Pre-Test Reading Material – Convention Centres – Demo Test (No credits)
The importance of this ‘read’ for event managers (EMs) is the way the dedicated convention centres are shaping-up to prove high standards with accreditation and what ‘high standards’ actually means. Also the role of a conference’s ‘reach’ beyond the conference door due to technology. No better author on this subject than Geoff Donaghy who heads AIPC (Int. Assoc. of Convention Centres’ headquartered in Belgium).

MA comment: ‘Good information to store away for future reference when planning a gathering with serious required outcomes and what the EM should look for in a venue’. Go to landing page, read Demo Test and try the demo test – 5 questions.

Pre-Test Reading Material – Generation Gap – (3 credits)
A must read for all EMs. It describes the differences in interpretation of a MICE gathering programme depending on whether the participants are below 35 years in comparison to participants who are 55 plus and far from retirement age in the business world.

MA comment:  ‘Powerful information by UK’s John Fisher which may give input as to the reasons for dissatisfaction levels and perhaps not getting the message across as the EM intended’. Go to landing page, read Code 102/14 and do the test – 15 questions.

Appointments Confirmed with Technology Exhibitors
Several appointments have been confirmed for the Academy to have in-depth demos with several technology companies at Meetings Africa as well as private in-depth demos off-site during the same exhibition. Details will be shared with Academy subscribers and registrants.

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