With the help of the Event Greening Forum, SA Conference brings you 10 ways to ensure green catering:

  1. Request local and seasonal food
  2. Try to avoid red meat, but if it is provided, request free-range meat or chicken. Ensure that all seafood is on the SASSI green list.
  3. Always give preference to locally produced beverages
  4. Use re-usable cutlery, crockery, napkins whenever possible
  5. Offer condiments and sugars in large dispensers
  6. Where disposable items cannot be avoided ensure that these are sent for recycling
  7. Choose eco-friendly packaging
  8. Ensure that food waste does not go to landfill, but is suitably composted.
  9. Provide water in jugs, which looks lovely if fruit is added, or consider the use of onsite filtering and bottling (in glass bottles) for your bottled water.
  10. Provide information about the greening initiatives that you are implementing

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