“Are you planning an extravagant up and coming event? Look no further, source décor inspiration from the 2014 Academy Awards!” says Event Affairs owners, Megan Buchanan and Lindy Srubis.

Below are a few tips and pointers on creating an elegant event that your guests will not easily forget:

  • The Academy Awards are all about the stars so create some interest with candles (lots of them) and mirrors. You can get quite creative with this and even include LED table lights and spot lighting for the venue – after all, everyone wants to be in the spotlight at the Oscars.
  • While Gold might dominate your colour scheme, use white vases and interesting yet simple flower arrangements to create contrast to catch your guests’ eye.
  • The red carpet! Everyone knows that the Academy Awards are about the glitz, the glam and the red carpet. Ensure that there is a dazzling entrance area set up for your guests with a red carpet. Why not setup a photo booth or props area so guests can really feel like stars while having their photos taken.
  • It’s all in the small details when it comes to event décor. Consider making use of gold or black linen serviettes or try your hand at black or amber glassware to add a creative and interesting touch.
  • Round tables are a must for a stylish event as they add a more social and elegant appeal.
  • Menus can be creatively printed into awards announcements and VIP passes. It is best to look around for a designer to assist you with creating these as you are going to want them to be flashy yet elegant.

These are just a few tips that you can take into account when planning your up and coming private or corporate affair. If you need more help and advice, turn to Event Affairs, professional event planners and coordinators