Pre-Test Reading Material – Trends 2014 – (3 credits)
Drafted for Meetings magazine in October 2013 with many emulating the Academy’s predictions – this article details the swing to more specific MICE programmes, the challenges facing independent organisers and more.
MA comment: For both CPD credit purposes as well as witnessing predictions actually taking place – this article should be read.  The financial considerations with public-sector cut-backs are happening as we speak.

Further Pre-Test Reading Material Available
To come this week are the CPD Tests for  Audio Visual update article titled ‘Bigger, Brighter, Better’ (Code 104/14)  as well as the ‘Event Planner’s Guide to Greening’ (Code 105/14).
MA comment:  The AV read is latest technology and important to know what your staging company should consider for your MICE undertakings. With the Greening Guide it is a no-brainer on this one. The more that is known – the more the event manager can decide whether implementable as many of the points could be long-term issues.

Online CPD Programme Presentation – Thursday 13March at Hackle Brooke Conference Centre
Starting at 10h00 for about one hour prior to the commencement of the Event Industry Summit – let the Academy know whether you and your colleagues wish to join us.

Michael Jackson Interviews the MICE Academy on Events Industry Summit
The interview will be flighted for a full week – kind courtesy of USB. Further more click here

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