Welcome registrants andsubscribers to the online CPD MICE Programme

  • Latest Pre-Test Reading Material – loaded to Academy website and available for credit accumulation
    • Code 104/14 –‘Bigger, Better, Brighter’ (Code 104/14) -3 credits
      A technical paper on lighting and various audio visual techniques.  Practicing Event Managers should know what the latest staging and production techniques are all about.
      MA comment: ‘Questions are becoming more intricate. We suggest careful reading on this one’.
    • Code 105/14 – ‘Event Planner’s Guide to Greening’ (Code 105/14) – 3 credits
      Two pages of information which should be carefully perused.
      MA comment: ‘Good inputs on a variety of event green issues. The Academy has not posed questions re actual green venues or hospitality issues.  Large sugar bowls, milk jugs plus polystyrene cups with stick spoons may work for the exhibition industry yet is questionable within the conference and high end event markets’.
  • Certificate Brand: (CPD-MA2014) Shown above is scheduled for widespread display.
  • Credit Recognition: (Behind name)  For those that attain 30+ credits by mid-May the following will be applicable behind the subscriber’s name:  Anthony Other CPD Cert. 2014
  • Online Scheduler: To be updated and loaded to the Academy’s website during the 10March.
    MA comment: The schedule will indicate the pre-test reading materials issued to date and the pre-test reading materials together with the issue date in March.
  • Online CPD Programme Presentation – Thursday 13 March at Hackle Brooke Conference Centre
    Starting at 10h00 for about one hour prior to the commencement of the Event Industry Summit – let the Academy know whether you and your colleagues wish to join us.