Garden Court Milpark hotel

The new design conveys the surrounding environment and culture of Joburg perfectly, and expresses a contemporary aesthetic with strong geometric forms and bold patterns. Popular with business and leisure guests alike, this vibrant yet cozy hideout situated within the academic precinct of Johannesburg, now offers even greater comfort and convenience.

“Through the decor and design we sought to convey the vibrancy and essence of the greater Johannesburg area whilst creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere,” says Dillion Sparg, partner at Arris Creative. “Essentially, every decor item, from the carpets through to the lights and artwork, were specifically designed and custom created for the hotel – culminating in an express Johannesburg experience, communicating the core and spirit of Joburg.”

Garden Court Milpark hotel When entering the lobby of the Garden Court Milpark hotel guests will immediately sense the vitality of the hotel, experiencing their first taste of relaxed, comfortable city loft living. The Garden Court Milpark hotel’s architectural aesthetic, slick interiors and professional facilities merge seamlessly to create an environment that is both practical and picturesque.

From floor to ceiling each detail has been carefully selected to integrate into the general theme. The interior finishes, furniture and fabrics have been styled with a palette of grey, bright blue and yellow with splashes of orange and green – colours that permeate relaxation, comfort and professionalism. Plush seating in rich textures, timber furnishings; floor to ceiling full-scale wall art and glass doors and windows and ambient lighting create a sensation of spaciousness and comfort.

The Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transport system is at the heart of Joburg living and, ingeniously, some of the routes have been woven into the carpets of the Garden Court Milpark hotel, using design and colour to provide guests with a “route map” to their rooms. Additionally, Crispin Sparg Photographers was tasked with identifying a range of iconic Joburg buildings to use for the wall art in the public spaces and fitness centre.Garden Court Milpark hotel

Upon entering the bedrooms, guests are treated to a view of the Joburg skyline. As the hotel is situated in the academic precinct of Joburg and does not have a natural view of the skyline, Arris Creative designed and custom-made curtains displaying the skyline, once again carrying the theme of the hotel through to the guestrooms. The “skyline” curtains dually serves as the artwork, therefore providing a clean uncluttered space for relaxation. The on-suite bathroom were completely gutted and rebuilt and now sport a perfect combination of white, grey and splashes of bright blue imparting a sense of space and purity. Additionally, the glass shower partition is embossed with a blue rendition of the skyline.

The decor ranges from inspiring a creative and fun atmosphere in the lobby to a slightly more sophisticated  business ambience in the reception and meeting rooms and culminates with absolute tranquility and comfort in the guest rooms – all reinforcing the Joburg location, combining a sense of vibrancy and relaxation and creating the perfect palette for a great stay.

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