On the very last Saturday of March each and every year, the entire world endeavours to enjoy an hour of darkness, for the sake of the earth. Millions of people across the world switch off their lights in order to raise awareness for the planet.

Earth Hour as an event has been running for seven years now and has been highly successful. It’s one of our favourite times of the year because as event planners we have to think outside the box when it comes to delivering stylish décor and ambience,”  says Megan Buchanan and Lindy Srubis from Event Affairs.

Local event management company, Event Affairs share a few bright ideas to ensure your earth hour event is not only unforgettable but fail-proof too:

  • Lighting – of course you don’t want your event in total darkness so think about soft LED lighting or candles. Sparklers and solar powered fairy lights have also been a romantic touch to weddings, private functions or anniversaries that fall on this day.
  • Location – when choosing your location, remember that you are going to want it to be relatively warm and should offer some sort of natural lighting. Choose an area where the moon and stars are visible, it adds to the ambience of the evening
  • Seating – your guests want to be comfortable. If an outdoor venue doesn’t offer sufficient tables and chairs, think about creating picnic areas. Scatter cushions and beanbags set out on rugs and throws will also make for comfortable seating arrangements
  • Decorations – with no electrical lights you are going to need to ensure that you create some opportunity for the best light possible. Consider white tablecloths and ribbons – you can even incorporate mirrors to reflect any available light around you.
  • Accessories – solar jars filled with glitter or even glow liquid are a great way to provide alternative lighting and a magical ambiance for your guests.
  • Safety – the fact that lighting will be limited means that you should ensure that safety is taken into account. Make sure candles aren’t in reach of children and ensure that you have safety equipment available – just in case.

Switch off your lights for Earth Hour and make a commitment to the well-being of your planet and environment by arranging a great event