We’ve all nodded off or experienced severe mind-drifting moments at a conference that went on-and-on in either monotone or mind-numbing subject matter.

Hence when I learnt with interest from UK’s Meetpie enewsletter of The Boring Conference which takes place at the end of May.   No organisation in their right mind would seriously tackle The Best Conference – as it would prove so subjective as to make the criteria a non-starter in itself.

Yet, according to Meetpie – the Most Boring Conference has much merit.  Having gone through the documentation there is indeed a case for pursuing within the MICE industry – at the toe of Africa.

Subjects that have been researched and indeed presented that are not earth-shattering – and allow the mind to wonder – are:

  • Literal Translation of German Film Titles
  • A Talk on Eggs
  • Shop Fronts
  • Civil Aviation and Fridges

Now here’s the thing.  Those folk that have been immensely creative are the now famous individuals who have observed rain drops on windows and being able to allow the mind to relax in an old-fashioned series of values with conference subjects often considered as trivial and pointless which when examined more closely reveal themselves to be deeply innovative.

The report states that in today’s society, where we’re constantly seeking distractions, soundbites, apps and feedback – it’s time for some wholesome mind-drifting conferences.    Studies have shown that relaxed brains are better able to retain new information hence there is an argument for ditching the whizzbangery and allow some tedium to enter our meeting-gathering lives.

Are these statements a tad ‘tongue-in-cheek’? – perhaps not.