Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is not a fad.  It is proving to have tremendous advantages for retaining new or updated information, allowing experienced event practitioners to be tested as well as ensuring these knowledgeable individuals are duly recognised and rewarded for their ongoing efforts to improve in the fast-moving MICE world.

In turn, these same individuals will have the proven ability to pass on their knowledge within a wide range of subjects to a much wider younger, upcoming generation in the fullness of time.

So as to establish a strong communication platform for CPD, two sessions are rapidly developing primarily for event practitioners, Marketing, HR & Training Managers, will dominate MARKEX’s highly informative programme schedule in mid-June.

The Tuesday 10 June two hour session will be the launch of the online CPD Programme primarily for event practitioners yet adaptable to other industries. While on Wednesday the 11 June, the session will be celebrating the event practitioners who have achieved the required 30 accumulated credits within a specific period of time.

The two sessions are shaping-up and among the invited presenters at this time are:

  • The Academy of Sound Engineering’s Nick Matzukis and George Hattingh who are highly regarded in the broadcasting industry as the prime specialists for the training of sound engineers.  These are unsung heroes that have ensured a most professional series of courses with registered students that are sought almost before their qualifications are confirmed;
  • Executive Presence’s Lynn Baker. Her career within most aspects of the MICE industry are indeed positively legendary.  Lynn practices what she preaches and it should prove an eye-opener for the fortunate attendees to witness the reason so many successful event practitioners have emulated the manner in which Lynn conducts herself.

The Markex management are adding so much value to their highly successful exhibition that those who do not book early for these limited seating sessions will surely be the losers.

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