When you’re dealing with the most precious moments in people’s lives, you take care of them as if they’re your own. That’s the driving philosophy behind the ingenious Printstagram photographic printing company which offers an innovative and vastly improved sequel to photobooks.

It’s much easier and gives customers far more leeway in what their end products will look like, offering a wide variety of printing finishes – such as canvas, acrylic, and aluminium – and printed products. Adding further to its appeal is the fact that Printstagram is less expensive than any other offering of similar quality on the market.

“But Printstagram is a lot more,” says Printstagram coo Steven Krein. “First of all there is the exceptionally user-friendly online design tool with software that allows customers to upload their photographs and design their own products, insert text if desired, proof their own work, and then place the order and pay using a safe e-commerce platform. We searched the globe for best of breed software that would answer the limitations that traditional photobooks have in terms of innovation, design and product options, personal preferences, and time delays – and we found it. We have had excellent response to the software. People are delighted to find such a variety of choices for their photographs. They’re also invariably time-poor and eager to manage their own photographic designs. After all, these are beautiful and personal records of their own lives as well as their loved ones’ lives.”

The highly competitive pricing offered by Printstagram – usually up to 50% less than comparable quality products – is possible through streamlined production processes that eliminate most of the desktop publishing costs and design issues that clients used to experience, extensive experience in buying, and inexpensive marketing, using modern and exciting channels. “We have found the sweet spot in the market; offering customers product that they want to buy at prices they’re prepared to pay. It works,” he says.

Printstagram gives pictures a place to belongThe product range offers innovative photographic alternatives to the traditional. It includes printing photographs or pictures on canvas, acrylic (Perspex), brushed aluminium, as well as more traditional materials. These different finishes can add a new spin to the most traditional pictures. “Van Gogh’s Starry Night as a normal print is so same-old, same-old. But imagine it printed on aluminium. It adds an entirely new dimension to pictures and photos,” says Krein. It’s these different materials that are capturing the attention of the corporate market looking for suitable décor for their offices.

Also popular with businesses, particularly smaller ones, is the range of templates for business cards, pamphlets, flyers, brochures, leave-behinds, personalised signs, and other corporate material that can be easily adapted and designed to suit a company’s specific needs. This popularity is strengthened as an order placed for production, without having had to go through expensive and time-costing processes such as briefing, design, proofing and production.

For their individual customers, 74% of whom are women, says Krein, the range includes different print options, as well as products such as the memory box, which includes 100 photographs or other items that can be customised – at a budget-friendly cost of R149. Brag books of 32 pages containing jumbo-sized pictures at under R100 are available, as are phone covers, calendars, stickers, gift cards, and more.

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