Except in the rarest of circumstances can any type of group gathering take place without a venue.  And let’s face it – the venue can make or break whatever the MICE undertaking is focussed on achieving. All the facility’s bells and whistles can be in place yet if the personnel and the MICE service requirements are lacking – the event management team have a real challenge.

Similarly to a restaurant with no liquor licence – the cuisine on offer needs to be good otherwise the restaurant has very little on which to trade.

Day MICE venues do not have the accommodation component on which to hang their revenue-generating hat. It is also one of the main reasons the travel trade with its many service acronyms are unlikely to be on the list as regular ‘third parties’ within a day MICE venue.

For example Day MICE venues in Johannesburg come in all shapes and sizes from the outstanding Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand  to the exceptional Hackle Brooke Conference Centre on Conrad in Craighall. Both strive to deliver beyond the standard service and continue to enhance their client and potential client offerings by ensuring personnel remain at the cutting-edge by improving  their personnel’s knowledge base for the benefit of the end-user as well as personnel member’s career advancements. On a recent snap survey regarding MICE venue personnel – the indications were clear that turn-over in personnel was exceptionally low within day MICE venues in comparison to hotels, lodges and the like.

Event managers know too well the rise in stress levels when negotiating over a protracted period of time with a venue co-ordinator and suddenly the next week – sometimes close to the day/s of the booking –  the key individual is no longer in the employ of that hotel or has moved on to another facility within the group. Even with the most astute planning including written back-up – the event manager’s communications has invariably been with one individual within the banqueting/operations division.  With the demise of that particular individual – the wheels could very easily come off.  Certainly the event manager has immediate visions of having to repeat some of the agreements to which the new encumbent may need to check with a whole list of internal management as to whether acceptable.

Event managers are well-advised to look beyond the norm especially where – in many instances – accommodation is not a requirement or is relatively close-by.  Check out those real day MICE venue gems and reduce the hassles ten-fold.