Not everyone is cut out to be a warrior in the never-ending battle of deadlines, demands and unplanned disasters. Those that are, love it. Miss Meet tells you how you will know when you are knees-deep in the industry.

  1. Your idea of time-off is the drive home after an event
  2. Your toiletry bag or vanity case is permanently packed in case you need to up and go
  3. A hotel holds no romantic appeal or connotation for you
  4. Your favourite fashion accessory is a two-way radio. If only they could make those bling covers for these now!
  5. Airport staff know you by name
  6. You have more black in your cupboard than any other colour
  7. The terms special dietaries, hotel transfers and on-time courier deliveries make you more nervous than you were on your wedding day – assuming you’ve actually had the time to find a partner
  8. Every detail of your family holiday is plotted on a project plan
  9. Excel is to you is what a toolbox is to a handyman
  10. You feel naked without a clipboard or iPad
  11. The speed of light is nothing compared to the time in which you can get dressed for an event
  12. You are quite comfortable with the feeling of being in more than one place at one time
  13. You struggle to concentrate when only one person talks to you at a time
  14. You have done repairs in your ball gown or tuxedo
  15. People think you can make a room colder or warmer
  16. You have mastered the art of smiling politely while being screamed at
  17. You have no idea what the food at the event tastes like, unless you attending a food tasting as part of the planning
  18. On holiday you end up collecting information on and taking pictures of brilliant event ideas, potential suppliers or new accompanying persons programme tours
  19. You experience a serious case of the blues after an event, until of course you start working on the next one
  20. You can literally pull a rabbit out of a hat

A good event manager needs to possess a number of skills.  But more importantly, these have to be partnered with hard work, dedication, passion and lots of patience. So to all my colleagues out there, while you’re busy pulling a rabbit out of a hat, I take my hat off to you!