1. FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE OF VITAL IMPORTANCE  Exhibitors should make it a priority to assess their stand’s visibility, and the message it communicates. Successful visibility can be achieved through the use of modern and effective illumination such as lighting, impressive AV, beautiful finishes, extended height as well as vibrant graphics.
  2. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Exhibiting involves a lot of competition, merely because all exhibitors are there to please one crowd. In order to stand out, exhibitors should be creative with their giveaways or on-stand experiences. They should ask themselves: “what is going to make show visitors remember us?” Speak to your stand designers and project managers for creative and strategic ideas.
  3. LATEST TECHNOLOGY TRENDS Exhibitors should really look at going paperless.  If a stand visitor is interested in your product, email them a catalogue or profile. In this way you are front of mind next time they check their emails, and they will spare a minute to think about their experience on your stand. Also consider using QR codes on your stand – this allows visitors to access vast amounts of information about your products or services on their phones in real time.
  4. APPEALING TO HUMAN SENSES  Sight, hearing, touch and smell  increases the “wow” factor on a stand.
  5. EFFECTIVE BRAND PRESENCE Incorporate all the new trends Stay focused on the company’s CI and  twist in all the new trends, from a material and technology side