Entertaining indoors sometimes seems daunting, but it is a lot easier when you are prepared!  Here are some top tips to make your event painless, fun and stylish.

Local event planners, Event Affairs, list their fail-proof indoor entertaining tips:

  • Know your event:  Different preparation is required for a dinner party to a cocktail party or brunch.  Ensure you know what would be suited to the occasion or guests and work around that.  For an intimate atmosphere with a smaller group, a dinner party is best.  Cocktails and buffet snacks are better for bigger groups.
  • Who to invite:  Your guests should get along and try to avoid inviting people who may clash.  Nothing is as stifling as a tense atmosphere!  If you have a dinner party, ensure that you can comfortably seat all guests.  Nobody wants to eat dinner while squished up against someone!
  • Catering:  Be aware of all your guests’ dietary requirements.  If in doubt, ask them about their preferences in advance and cater accordingly. Culinary dishes of certain countries usually work well with a theme.
  • Music:  Select music suitable to the occasion and the guests.  Use it as a backdrop and keep it audible, yet soft enough not to interrupt conversation.
  • Decoration:  Decide on items to use to enhance the atmosphere and ambience.  Flowers, candles, photos, table settings, colours and textures can all be used with great effect.  List what you need and get started on purchasing or borrowing what you need!
  • Timeline:  Compile an outline of what should be served when, and prepare food and tableware accordingly to keep things flowing smoothly.  Nobody wants to wait 90 minutes for a main course after their starter!

Things to remember on the day: 

  • Prepare as much as possible beforehand to minimise your time in the kitchen so that you can play host!
  • Set up a drinks area with an array of drinks, water, glasses and ice buckets where people can help themselves while you are busy.
  • Personally greet guests at the door and welcome them with a drink.  Introduce guests to each other, especially newcomers.
  • Candles are always a nice touch, even during the day.  Fragrant candles are great for lounge areas, but not on the dinner table as they can obscure the flavour and aroma of the food.
  • Personalise the event by using fun photos of guests.  This can be pinned on a board, or used as part of the table setting. These also make great props for conversation!

These are just a few ideas to ensure you host the perfect event. For more advice, information and unique ideas, we encourage you to get in touch with Event Affairs.