You will not find pretentious food on the menu at The Maslow Hotel.  Chef Dallas Orr, executive chef only serves the best food, made beautifully

Describe Chef Dallas in three words
Passionate, dynamic, go getter.

How has the food and beverage industry changed over the past five years?
Customers want to try new foods which mean chefs can become more creative and push the boundaries with their food offerings.

What are some of the trends you see in the food and beverage industry?
Fine dining is still popular but not necessary everyone first choice. There has been a big increase in nose to tail eating (using all the edible parts of an animal) and simple foods (minimally processed and doesn’t have any artificial ingredients) cooked really well.

What would you say is the number one mistake people make when it comes to catering for conferences?
Not fully understanding your customers’ needs – the more you know the better your delivery.

How do you present ‘plain’ food in a way that makes it look appealing to delegates?
A variety of moulds can shape simple food like rice. My favourite is taking a simple dish and deconstructing it – it tastes the same but looks like a five-star meal.

What dish are you asked to make most often?
My Peri-Peri free-range chicken with Nigerian Jollof rice.

What is your signature dish?
My Tandoori Chicken Alfredo.

Why did you decide you wanted to become a chef?
I started cooking with my mom when I was 14. At 16 I did an aptitude test and it 2 showed two possible jobs: an architect or chef. Since I had no intention of sitting in an office for nine hours drawing lines, I pursued a career in cooking with passion and the right attitude.

What do you think of Joburg as food destination?
I know everyone thinks Cape Town is the foodie capital, but I’m surprised by the choice available in Joburg; you can get anything you want including the best meat cuts, grass fed beef and organic produce – the list is endless and I’ve really enjoyed finding the best suppliers.

About Chef Dallas Orr
Dallas Orr is executive chef of Sun International’s Maslow Hotel in Sandton. Prior to this, Orr he was executive chef of Sun internationals, Table Bay Hotel at the V&A Waterfront, a position he held since 2008, he’s finding it an exhilarating experience. Orr has a Chefs Diploma from Bill Stafford’s Professional Cookery School in Cape Town. He began his early career in the South African Navy and went on to appointments at Spier, The World of Residensea, Royal Livingstone Hotel, Port Ghalib in Egypt and for the last four years he has headed up the culinary team at The Table Bay Hotel. Orr has also been invited to cook at the James Beard Foundation in New York and has regularly hosted acclaimed chefs from around the world.