Evita Bezuidenhout, the funniest, most colourful commentator of developing South African society. Hysterically funny, Evita brings into harsh reality, the many things that the rainbow nation would otherwise have not found to be a laughing matter.  In her inimitable style, Evita teaches us how not to take life too seriously, while teaching the awkward truths and prickly reality of South African politics and society today!

Her side-splitting humour will have everyone at your event rolling in the aisles.  Her clever cross culture humour is neither offensive or risqué, while bridging the many cultural divides found in most companies around the country.

For your Women’s Day (or many other) events you can’t get a more appropriate individual to create a truly sensational and memorable experience.

For information and bookings, email marilynw@uniquespeakerbureau.com

Evita will be speaking at the Women’s Day Showcase, USB Speakers’ Pavilion at Markex 07h30 – 11h00 on Wednesday 11 June. For more information about this showcase and the rest of the Markex/USB line-up click here