In the light of World Environment Day today (5 June), conserving our environment is not just the responsibility of the grown-ups. As the next generation it’s actually up to us to make sure that we keep taking care of the earth and our resources, says Harry the Hominid, Maropeng‘s spokeshominid.

“A very good way to lend the environment a hand is to recycle the glass we use every day to be converted into new glass products. That way, energy, water and other non-renewable natural resources are saved. For example, the energy saving from recycling one glass bottle will power a 100 watt light bulb for almost an hour, a washing machine for 10 minutes, a TV for 20 minutes and a computer for 25 minutes.”

Only 140 000 tons or 20% of all glass containers produced in South Africa every year, are retrieved for recycling. But for the rest about 550 000 tons of waste glass finds its way into landfills in South Africa. “When glass is not recycled and is landfilled instead, it stays there forever. Managing the huge amounts of solid waste that currently has to be landfilled is creating a major landfill problem and contributes to the overall problem of pollution. But you can help by supporting the glass recycling drive!” says Harry.

Glass is 100% recyclable and all glass bottles and jars can be recycled, even if they are broken. The only items that cannot be recycled include glass cups and plates, laboratory glass, drinking glasses, mirrors, windshields and window glass, heat-resistant ovenware and light bulbs.

“As the youth let’s all recycle glass and do our bit for the environment.

Spread the message to your friends and family – and one day when you are older, why not tell your kids too,” he smiles.

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