Compex are fast becoming leaders in exhibition stand technology.

EXHIBITION STANDS HAVE to be more than walls, floors, lights, graphics and furniture. It is the investment in technology that is driving inspiration and fuelling the ‘can-do’ drive to deliver solutions, on a sustainable basis, that are rooted in meaningful and measurable benefits for the client.

Dean Gunningham, director of Compex, says, ‘Technology is all about engagement, immersing the individual into an experience that is memorable and lasting. What makes our industry unique is the fact that every stand, every show and every event will be different because, for example, all exhibitors have different products and services that need to be showcased.

The theme of ‘Touching Tomorrow through Technology’ was admirably demonstrated by the participation of Compex at the recent Markex Joburg, at which cutting-edge technologies in the form of 3D printing and the controlling of graphic displays based upon the demographics of the audience were demonstrated. These technologies are game-changers, and will very rapidly become the norm throughout the sphere of marketing.

Reactive graphic lets the viewer of a graphic determine what is being shown in a seamless, professional way. For example, an insurance company will utilise the technology to graphically illustrate a policy cost for a mature male, or a young man or a young female, depending upon who is viewing the graphic on the same screen. Depending upon demographics, a screen may show a top-end red car, or a pair of red high-heeled shoes. While at the same time, extensive broad marketing demographics are being collected, allowing for the audience responses to be assessed and assimilated into marketing strategies. Interactive graphics enable the targeting of a specific market segment in a unique, truly client-focused, innovative, solution-driven way.