An IT guru once remarked, “A website is more than a brochure under glass”.

With this in mind, The MICE Academy’s 2015 website reflects the cross-pollinated communication channels via various extensive media coverage over the coming year.

Commented Helen Brewer, “The Academy is privileged to have a range of partners from strategic, special, media & corporate that will enjoy greater coverage from a range of sources on our website.”

Partner’s higher visibility with links to their sites will stem from:

  • CPD MICE subscribers access the Academy’s site to take their on-line tests. Subscriber’s profiles range from salaried corporate, association, public sector planners as well as industry suppliers and services who continue to grow their professional expertise by positively  ‘standing out from the crowd’
  • IBTM Africa exhibitor’s personnel will access to register for their CPD Programme on an ongoing basis.  Those accessing will be mainly from: premier MICE suppliers (venues) & services who are table-top exhibiting including targeted appointments with well-researched international buyers
  • MARKEX’s VIP sessions for marketing executors will draw serious decision-makers to register on-line via the Academy’s site. Marketing executives with the full responsibilities to the marketing mix have great influence on purchasing within the MICE industry. EXSA & PRISA will have these important folk glued to their seats
  • Professional Planner Standards (PPS) have commenced attracting corporate & association buyers to access the Academy’s site and join the buyers circle.  The PPS commencement is the outcomes from the Event Industry Summit – brain-child of the fit-for-purpose Hackle Brooke Conference Centre.

Not only will the Academy be undertaking strategic communications on behalf of the CPD Programme, IBTM Africa, Markex 15 & PPS – in each instance appointed PR & media strategists will – in turn – communicate the Academy’s site allowing a win-win situation for all stakeholders in 2015.  Check out

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