4Seeds is a dynamic coaching boutique that is passionate about harnessing the power of individuals to create fulfilment by unlocking potential in people, teams and companies by seeking out solutions and possibilities that inspire natural progression to fulfilment and success. 4Seeds is headed by Kerstin Jatho, an ICF Global internationally accredited ACC coach. She has been rigorously trained on the core competencies of coaching through a US coach training school.

Happy workers translate into increased potential, performance, productivity and personal achievement. This translates into higher client satisfaction, increase in bottom line, reduction in staff turnover, increase on time spent on task and organisation success. Using their unique applied science of Positive Psychology, 4Seeds is able to harness the best in people by working with their strengths, virtues and what is working well – inspiring people to live out their potential.

Contact details

Tel: +27 (0)11 275 0195
Fax: 086 736 1290
Email: kerstin@4seeds.co.za