blanketOn Wednesday 3 June Johannesburg Expo Centre CEO Craig Newman and his team went to Inkwenkwezi Primary School to donate 280 blankets.

Not even the cold weather could dampen the enthusiastic spirit that the Inkwenkwezi Primary School pupils displayed upon receiving this donation. The HOD Thembeka Mbane encouraged the children to sing songs to display their gratitude “in true Inkwenkwezi style”.

“I am so happy to see all of you coming to school even when it’s such a cold day. The most important reason why we support you when we can, is because we want you to do well in school all the time. My agreement with you is to keep your commitment. Work hard in school, study hard and always pay attention to what is being taught,” said Mr. Newman.

The Johannesburg Expo Centre has driven many community social investment initiatives at the Inkwenkwezi Primary School over the past five years and will continue to support various corporate social initiatives.

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