Risk is an intriguing aspect within the MICE industry. Intriguing in that the responsibility for risk and its inherent assessment – before, during and following – for any event irrespective of type or capacity is felt to be in the hands of others to undertake.

The perception of ‘not being responsible’ could not be further from the truth. The responsibility of event risk belongs to all stake-holders within that particular project. The reasons are simply that if there are any disruptions be it: keynote speaker change, food poisoning or bodily injury to name but a few known South African litigation cases – the plaintiff (aggrieved party) is likely to sue all parties involved from the organiser, venue, host as well as various event sub-contractors. It is equally naïve to be under the impression that merely an indemnification notice will exonerate any key player.

The Academy will lay bare the importance of Professional Planner Standards – being drafted at this time – together with the manner in which low, medium and high risk can be determined to which all professional industry entities should comply – for each event irrespective of capacity or type.

The compliance conference entitled ‘EventUally’ will take place in mid-September at the Bon Vaal Hotel. Enquiries can be directed to