You name it, this EM software can do it. A comprehensive and detailed presentation under the banner of the NFS Technology Group could be regarded as the ultimate, primarily for the independent professional planner.

No stone has been left unturned whether it is the usual registration processes, establishment of an event website, text mailing messaging, surveys, call for papers/extracts, budgeting, seating, exhibition reservation space – the permutations and abilities are almost endless.

Independent planners tend to be slow and indeed inconsistent as to the marketing of their services.

The etouches software can produce graphs on registration monitoring – which means that planners can advise their clients on an ongoing basis as to how the registrations are proceeding including best days and times for registering by delegates. Hence a more comprehensive list of communication techniques can be incorporated within planner’s proposals to potential clients.

South Africans tend to prefer support services that are within the republic and software training needs to be clear, comprehensive and preferably one-on-one.

The financial aspects based on a per delegate registration method is relatively compatible with industry acceptance although some re-modelling to suit South African preferences would not go amiss.

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