The second Event Industry Summit (EIS) scheduled for Thursday 1 October at Hackle Brooke Conference Centre will witness a new era in event management consensus.

There are a range of challenges which vary between the suppliers of venue space and the services such as third party/independent planners. It comes down to definitions, interpretations and level of communications between the large array of stakeholders.

Who better to hear the inputs and comment on their experiences are clearly the salaried end-users or decision-makers who demand seamless events of every description throughout the country.

The EIS will focus mainly on three panel discussions:

Panel one: Venues with and without accommodation as well as themed venues
Confirmed panelists at this time are:

Panel two: Independent planners both full service and brokers
Confirmed panellists at this time are:

Panel three: End-user buyers representing corporate, association and SOE
Confirmed panellists at this time are:

  • Financial institutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Mining

The programme allows for high participation in order to complete the first draft of the minimum standards for professional planners.

The amount of participants for this first-ever high-level event management focus is limited in order to capture all relevant participation inputs. In being part of the process – the industry challenges are likely to be adapted to allow for a smooth series of workable solutions going forward.
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