Many meeting professionals are abandoning the printed program guide in favour of mobile apps to inspire and communicate with attendees at their events. But with so many options available, choosing a mobile app for conferences and events
can be tricky: without a clearly defined set of requirements, you may be led astray.

10 Things to consider when choosing the perfect event app (PART 1)


  • How can you generate revenue and what kind of functionality is available?
  • Can you show a tangible return on investment to your sponsors and advertisers?
  • How important is it to your organisation to make your mobile app a profit centre?


  • Are mobile event apps a core competence of this vendor or are they simply an add-on afterthought to enhance their existing business?
  • How long has a vendor provided mobile event apps and what kind of case studies do they have available about their customer experiences?
  • How can you combine event apps with other internal communications to add value to your organisation, create more incentives for staff/members and start a year round conversation with your constituents.


  • How easy is it for you to generate content for the mobile app?
  • How can you turn attendees from being spectators into content generators?
  • Which functionality is included in the app that will help you and your attendees engage and generate content before, during and after your event?


  • Which features and functionality will help increase attendee interaction and how are these features designed to motivate attendees to interact?
  • How can you facilitate more questions and better feedback between attendees and speakers during sessions?
  • How can you leverage social media and gaming to get attendees communicating and having fun?


  • What level of support is available during the app development process, both during and after your event?
  • Do you have dedicated support representatives? Are the support representatives employed directly by the mobile app vendor or are they located in a remote call centre?
  • What kind of additional professional consulting services are available to help you get the most out of your mobile app?

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