Synergy means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So when a relationship has parts that are more than merely complementary – the synergy becomes empowering, unifying and indeed exciting.

Since 2013, the MICE Academy has a healthy following of experienced event planners for their innovative CPD online programme.

In 2015 the request from corporate/association event decision-makers, primarily HR management, for the Academy to facilitate the first Professional Planner Standards has taken root.

“Both the framework and foundation building blocks have been completed with the minimum logistical planning standards being drafted at this time,” comments the Academy.

Part of any standards programme is the importance of an effective CPD Programme. So for the signatories to the Professional Planner Standards – continuing professional development with the programme’s awarding of credits in accordance with the NQF and authentic certification just go hand in hand.

Coupled with the importance of continuing professional development for signatories to the standards – the Academy’s CPD Programme is being upgraded to reflect the requirements of the busy planner both independent and salaried.

Enter the incredible MICEMaster system. The software assists two key corporate departments of finance and procurement to track and report on true MICE spend.

MICEMaster can effectively reduce escalating third party costs and ensure accountability to all parties involved in organising and issuing MICE orders.

The MICEMaster system allows planners, authorisers, procurement people and finance personnel to quickly identify where true value lies in multiple venue quotes, in real-time. MICEMaster also enforces procurement strategies to save companies substantial monies, while rewarding quality, professional suppliers and services with increased business.

The MICE Academy’s’ Professional Planner Standards coupled with the MICEMaster’s internal corporate requirements of preferred suppliers is likely to impact on the maverick independent planner – allowing the HR, finance and procurement departments to have real bench-marks in order to select the round pegs for the round holes.

The interaction and co-operation between The MICE Academy and MICEMaster brings together two MICE entities to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate parts. The future holds the possibility for serious controls on MICE spend while providing corporate/association assurance in the selection of independent planners through professional planner standards. The opportunity for the proficient planners to prosper has never looked as good. Watch this space!