It’s a busy time of year with more invitations than the amount of hours available to attend most of these excellent array of gatherings.

Observations this past week indicated that the MICE industry is abuzz with activities.

The SAB World of Beer played host to SA Learns which primarily revolves around a highly-ingenious table-top game instilling in cultures – other than western – the art of risk and reward coupled with story-telling. With the trade name Align-ed headed by Angela James the success of this learning model has been experienced with many accolades at Maropeng.

From reports received – the Event Greening Forum (EGF) has once more convened a down-to-earth green session. This time the theme was décor and a true master-of-the-art Nicholas de Klerk of Design & Display presented to an attentive audience what can be done to reduce carbon footprints with innovative décor ideas. The audience were enthralled.

Some MICE venues have it while other MICE venues have not yet found the secret to high-volume booking success. Day MICE venues are not able to rely on accommodation revenue and all the other income-streams that derive from over-nighters. If one asked any visitor to Hackle Brooke Conference Centre – it can be clearly stated that bursting at the seams is most apt. Is it the catering, the attention to operations or the ongoing building of relationships? Perhaps it’s a combination of all these elements – coupled with real dedication to the servicing of the MICE client.