A participation of over a hundred was evident at the SA Communications Industry’s final breakfast in 2015. Attendance was primarily from management within the fixed equipment industry with a good percentage from the TPSA (Technical Production Services Assoc. powered by SACIA). The actual member special interest group break-down is:

* PRO-AV Forum * Broadcast Industry * TPSA consisting of technical production
One of the many morning highlights was the first awards to SACIA members of extensive industry experience in the pursuance of best practice with SAQA recognition.SACIA
With three audio visual as well as three broadcast and three technical live event awards which can be achieved as SACIA / TPSA members at varying levels – the communications industry for the MICE industry is well on it’s way to selecting the individual’s and their companies as first choice for the decision-makers requiring a whole range of communication supplies and services.

Of particular interest was the noticeable increase of the video-conferencing suppliers. Clearly there is a message for the MICE industry to ensure their programmes are crafted in a manner to draw the focussed delegation. Failing which there will be more turning to the many uses of the flexible video-conferencing world without leaving their offices.

The morning was a great success with the only down-side being the last minute cancellation of the Dept of Arts & Culture’s participation in the eagerly-awaited panel discussion on incubator commencement for those predominantly unemployed to be given the opportunity of growing their knowledge and abilities within this vital industry. With no suggestion of at least a stand-in representative – it is hoped that the 2016 invitation which may be extended is eagerly accepted the next time around.

For as long as the MICE industry can re-call – the South African audio visual, staging and broadcasting industry has been a relatively unknown ‘collective’. The lack of information as to the importance and indeed progress of the communications industry in South Africa certainly appears to be on track. All credit to Kevan and Tim Jones for their hard work


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