With the developed software for the MICE industry well underway – the response from decision-makers within major corporations has been more than merely favourable.

Recent feedback from the outstanding MiceMaster software implemented within a major organisation to seriously pinpoint and manage MICE costs is proving highly effective.An entire event management department has been subjected to an intense exercise to gauge their response to the software.mice master

Rather than dubious – their reaction was overwhelmingly positive – citing that with this software the control of expenditure will make huge differences to the organisation’s bottom-line MICE spend.This software is a professional management system for corporate companies looking to manage their MICE spend. MiceMaster delivers comparative quotes from a wide range of venues quickly and efficiently. The system assists finance and procurement department’s track and report on true MICE spend and reduces escalating PCO fees with accountability to all parties involved in organising and issuing of conference and event orders.

The MICE Academy together with MiceMaster have a most complimentary relationship. With corporate South Africa adopting their exceptional software, the MICE Academy’s roll-out of the first Planner Standards – end-users’ first choice for third party assignments will be the signatories to the Professional Planner Standards.MiceMaster is no ordinary piece of software – it is on the cusp to revolutionise the MICE industry as never before and truly toughen-up on managing those MICE costs.