We say we want to eat healthy when traveling but good-for-you food can be hard to find and frankly, a little dull. Plus traveling can be such a pain. We like to reward ourselves and given a choice of candy or carrots, which treat would you choose?

The good news is, not all junk food is bad, not all healthy food is dull, and crappy food can be avoided.

Many food-conscious travelers already know this stuff, but it may be news to some.

  • Fast food: Tasty, of course, but the key here is moderation. Most fast food places serve salads or plain burgers; skip the fries (sorry) and you’ll consume a lot fewer calories than the mega-sandwiches.
  • Pastries: This stuff is delicious but may not be ideal for those on a diet. One popular airport-and-mall bakery franchise offers a pecan/caramel treat that sources say packs a hefty 1 080 calories but it also offers donut-hole type snacks for as little as 260 calories.
  • Pizza: More food we love. According to one popular airport pizzeria’s site, a sausage-pepperoni slice can run as high as 850 calories while plain cheese averages about 400 or so calories.

Maybe airports aren’t yet a foodie destination but some of them could be. There’s been an explosion of good airport dining options in recent years, a far cry from the days of soul-less, cafeteria-style stuff.