Despite the continually dwindling numbers of bona fide CMPs in Southern Africa (Certified Meeting Professionals) – two South African event organisers have gained the American initials behind their name.

Although the qualification is declared as an international symbol – the programme is basically for the American market and quite rightly so.

The CMP programme in Southern Africa commenced in 2005 and by 2011 there were 37 South African CMPs with a further 55 having met the acceptance criteria – proving decisively our nation’s organising abilities at the time.

By 2016 there are less than 18 with the likelihood of a further decline by 2017 as CMPs decide not to re-certify for a variety of real reasons.

With the eminent re-introduction of the CMP status in southern Africa – it will be interesting to witness the unfolding developments – while the industry jockeys to lay claim to the existing 2005 strong initiatives.

At least the MICE industry can rest assured that between 2005 and 2011 our country had the most CMPs worldwide – besides the American continent.

This is indeed positive proof of our nation’s organisation capabilities according to American criteria which should not be compared with South Africa’s exceptionally high standards overall.