Article courtesy of Helen Brewer of the MICE Academy

There are endless courses & articles of one type or another on Event Management and ‘doing it properly’ presented or worded by various individuals with a string of initials behind their names.  Unless the initials appertain to the individual being the originator or the forerunner of the subject matter under review – the accolades are meaningless.

Despite, in many instances, mega-bucks having been earned within the event industry – rarely are these same individuals challenged as to how they have improved the industry in a generic manner by giving back their expertise in one form or another that has proven their systems, opinions or experiences have improved the event industry across-the-board.

Have they launched, motivated and essentially ‘done the hard graft’ to ensure that from their particular learning curves that the challenges has been taken to put something back without a usually high price on their courses?

For the unsuspecting out there – here are the words to be wary of:

It is not possible to be an event management expert – as it is more than likely the individual’s viewpoint has depended on a number of criteria – such as relationships and circumstances at a given time – which have not been explained to an unsuspecting audience.  Usually the expertise has been gleaned from another source with sentences and paragraphs altered to be in line with their specific pearls of wisdom.

No claim can be made that with their expert input all the planning can be perfect unless every single individual is surveyed with a correctly worded questionnaire.  In other words it is important that the event’s decision-makers, delegation, all suppliers and services are evaluated effectively. The chances are less than likely that from each and every perspective the event was perfect.

Exact Science
There is no prescribed method or precise “science” to the undertaking of event management.  There are guidelines which are useful to a specific sector of the industry which are not applicable to another sector of the planning industry.

Beware of these four words – as their existence even in other word forms could prove a serious waste of money, time and effort.

Article courtesy of Helen Brewer of the MICE Academy