On the eve of Global Exhibitions day, AAXO will be hosting an exciting Sleep Out set to gather all the greatest and most dynamic players in the exhibition industry.

Hailed as an industry first, the Sleep Out, which is scheduled for 7 June from 19h00 to 8 June at 08h00, will be an opportunity for all exhibition industry staff to spend the night with like-minded industry professionals while gaining valuable insight into the industry.

The occasion seeks to gather the greatest and most dynamic players in the exhibition industry to create value, generate opportunities to learn from each other and enjoy the evening’s entertainment while sharing exhibition stories, memories and lessons learnt around the campfire. The event, which will be held at the amphitheatre at the Ticketpro Dome, will also raise money for a chosen charity and give delegates a chance to contribute to a worthy cause.

The agenda for this Sleep Out will commence with a soup and bread get-together around the fire on 7 June 2016 at 19h00.  After spending the night and enjoying coffee and donuts on the morning of 8 June 2016 – the inaugural Global Exhibitions Day – celebrations for Global Exhibitions Day will commence and guests will get the opportunity to participate in a webinar hosted in conjunction with the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). There will also be a prize-giving where two George Benson tickets will be up for grabs.

The Exhibition Industry Sleep Out speaks to AAXO’s mandate as the custodians of upholding world-class exhibition standards in the country. The organisation’s 2016 efforts are centered around training and knowledge sharing, with a strong focus on growing the industry and its members. The Sleep Out is scheduled on the back of AAXO’s recent successful Organiser Training day which ran on 18 May, where substantial attention was given to equipping exhibition and event sales teams with tools, resources and insight regarding revenue growth, increasing stand sales and securing sponsorships as well as measuring return on investment for exhibitioners and organisers alike.

Intended to support training efforts and boost organisers’ ability to network, those who attend the Exhibition Industry Sleep Out can expect to share and gain valuable industry intelligence and lend a voice to the issues that need to be addressed to advance and fully professionalise the exhibition industry.

This Sleep Out and all AAXO training days are tailor-made to address the unique challenges and needs that are faced by exhibition organisers in the industry and are geared to keep the industry abreast with new developments with the goal of maintaining world-class standards.

The power of exhibitions is undeniable and the key to success during exhibitions lies in the organisers’ ability to offer a world-class experience to exhibitors. Organisers need to have the right skills and networks to draw their target market to such events and connect businesses with similar interests. In the words of Carol Weaving, AAXO’s Chairperson: “For us, this Sleep Out couldn’t be more important. It is another of our efforts to unite the industry and encourage dialogue and knowledge sharing amongst industry players.” She adds, “We have been working hard to use AAXO as a platform to advocate for the needs of organisers and will continue to develop opportunities such as the Exhibition Industry Sleep Out to enable our members and the larger industry to drive growth.”

Date: Tuesday, 7th June to Wednesday, 8th June 2016
Time: 7th June, 19h00 till late
8th June , 08h00 Global Exhibition Day Opening & Celebration
Venue: Ticketpro Dome Amphitheatre/Blue Label Wing Conference & Events Venue
For more information, vist www.aaxo.co.za or contact Megan Peck on (27) 11 5498300 or email info@aaxo.co.za