MICE Planners within the corporate, association & public sectors are requesting green policies from their suppliers and in particular their short-listed venues with each booking enquiry.

Chances are that without an implemented sustainability policy the likelihood of less boxes ticked could count against the use of a particular meeting venue.

Hackle Brooke Conference Centre the selected venue for the EGF Conference scheduled for Thursday 21st July has fulfilled many of the criteria of the EGF’s green standards. Further investigations are underway into the finer aspects of the green venue standards to meet client requirements.  A case-study of the green implementation process at Hackle Brooke Centre is likely to be released before year-end.

Sustainability or the more popular word ‘green’ is no longer a buzz word or fad. Greening is here to stay and suppliers need to take heed of the simple processes and procedures available.

By attending the EGF Conference – delegates will be able to map their ‘greening’ future in a simple and effective manner.  There is wide-ranging information for all differing types of suppliers as well as event planners.

The added values are extensive – starting with international presenter Roger Simons of the Green Meetings Industry Council (GMIC).  The information to be shared by Roger is of particular importance within the South African MICE industry as his presentations – both master class as well within his keynote address at the EGF Conference – will give clear guidelines as to how the meetings industry worldwide has implemented a green policy.

Also on the platform will be Rashid Toefy former ICC Cape Town CEO and GMCI CEO in South Africa,

The Forum’s Kim Roberts and Jeanne du Plessis, Proctor & Gambles’ Communications Manager, sub-Saharan Africa will outline what a corporate buyer requires from their suppliers.

These are just a few of the conference highlights.  Email for full programme details and registration.