av-tec-1Last week we published an article in our newsletter titled “Top tips for selecting your AV supplier”. Unfortunately, some gremlins crept into our copy and we incorrectly implied that all AV suppliers who are contracted in to the venues, add a mark-up and that you could save up to 100% on rental costs by going directly to an independent AV supplier. Fortunately we have some very attentive readers who pointed out this inaccuracy, giving us the opportunity to not only apologise for the mistake, but also to follow up with another article discussing the other side of the coin—the in-house AV supplier.

We spoke to James Demore from INHOUSE Venue Technical Management (IVTM), the corporate arm of the Gearhouse Group of Companies. IVTM is contracted within 25 venues around the country, some of which include big names such as CTICC, Emperors Palace and The Hilton Hotel in Durban. Here’s what she had to say:

The Planner: How can AV contribute to the success of an event?

James: Good AV support can significantly enhance a successful event! In an era of careful representation of company brand; the support given by an event technical partner who understands the client’s needs, along with a relationship based on what is being communicated to the guest makes all the difference to the event itself. Having a partner that will deliver technology and solutions that enhance the message rather than overpower it, is essential.

The Planner: What AV advice would you give a planner who is working within a limited budget?

James: Try not to focus solely on the budget but address the requirements of the event and what is to be achieved by the event. Share the vision for the event with your AV partner and listen to what they advise. Your AV partner should be able to suggest a solution that will firstly make a great impression then also suit the budget.

Also try not to leave the AV team until last to discuss the event with; use your AV partner’s expertise to assist you with a view to a successful event overall, not just successful AV.

The Planner: What is the advantage of working with a venue’s in-house AV department?

James: As an INHOUSE supplier we always want to protect the client experience as we are invested in both the event itself and the venue. The use of the on-site team will give you detailed knowledge of the venue, the rules of the particular venue you have chosen and of course have all the certification in place needed to be a partner of the venue – giving you peace of mind that all is safe and protected.

Use of the contracted-in supplier will also give you a stronger link to the venue itself. Ultimately AV is important to the success of any event venue as it is an integral part of their continued relationship with client – the building of the relationship and return of business is essential in a competitive market place. A good on-site supplier will be willing to adapt to the client requirements with relationships at the forefront, as a partner rather than a supplier.

To find out more about IVTM or to add them to your venue’s preferred list of suppliers, please view their online profile here…