The Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition (MICE) industry eagerly anticipated this event – unique in that it provides corporate event teams and Professional Conference Organisers in South Africa first hand exposure to over 35 of the best professional speakers and thought leaders in a single day – together with their new material for the 2017 conference circuit.

The line-up included the best locally-based top international professional speaker brands, as well as SA’s very own talented and globe-trotting favourites.

The day also featured “GURUS”, a Q & A afternoon session with ten of the most elite who were interviewed by SA-based Justin Cohen, a highly acclaimed author and thought leader himself. The ten include: Nadia Bilchik, René Carayol, Derek Mills, Pa Joof, Andy Preston, Ryan Hogarth, Siphiwe Moyo, Alex Granger, Michael Jackson and Edward Kieswetter. These interviews will be aired across various business media platforms at a later date.

Each of the ten captivating interviews delved deep into the minds and experiences of these unique individuals who are achieving, teaching and inspiring audiences around the world.

The 35 speakers showcased in the morning session included the industry’s most recognised and best loved programme directors, facilitators, business speakers, entertainers, musicians and comedians. Each took to the stage and delivered a five-minute sample of their inspired genius.

CEO of Unique Speaker Bureau (USB) Paul McConnon says “Not many know that corporate event organising teams seldom book key note speakers and programme directors based on their biographies and “celebrity” status alone. Masterful PCOs constantly find time-efficient ways to orientate themselves to who is new and exciting on the conference circuit. They like to gain first hand exposure to the professional speaker and “feel” the delivery of their presentation. It is enormously effective for them.”

He continued, “Securing the availability of each of these 35 individuals to share the stage on just one day was an ambitious challenge because they are all constantly travelling. It is also a competitive industry and it’s wonderful to know everyone participating is excited and eager to see how collaboration can grow the pie.”