Respective Knowledge Bubbles will update the experienced travel, training and venue participants on a whole range of MICE requirements with a supplied manual and high-value takeaway notes.

Non-core tasks within the travel trade, venues as well as training companies include the organising of various types of events and courses respectively. Although the organising tasks may appear relatively simple, the various subtleties between the core and non-core tasks can strongly influence whether or not a client is satisfied on completion of the organising tasks.

There are several incidents where reputations have been tarnished due to a lack of the expected requirements within various planning needs. Similar to a stack of cards, the participant’s core tasks may be exemplary yet the non-core organising tasks, not carried out as expected, may topple the relationship between client and supplier.

The respective knowledge bubbles will include:

  • Understanding the mind of the participant/attendee
  • The communication process
  • Dos & don’ts of terms and conditions
  • Important catering criteria
  • Venue requirements with the participant in mind

The Knowledge Bubbles will take place in March. For more: or

What is in a name?

The MICE Academy asked international experts to provide a full explanation of the term ‘Knowledge Bubble’. This is how MICE defines it, “Everything one knows is contained in a bubble. As one learns about new topics one’s knowledge bubble grows bigger. It’s a simple premise, really. Sometimes, one believes one has a big bubble. When you realisation how little you know when somebody tells you about a new concept or preferred way of doing various tasks, you find yourself trying to increase the size of your bubble with this new knowledge”.