It’s no secret that décor makes a massive difference. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to stay up to date with trends and tips to ensure your next event meets expectations and looks even better.

Space, flowers, lighting, food presentation and table setting are what an attendee/delegate sees and experiences first and there’s no doubt that it leaves an impression. Not only that, but it sets an expectation and acts as breadcrumbs of what to expect. A formal table with an elaborate centrepiece might lend intimacy and a sense of gravitas. A very different feeling will be achieved with a simplistic, modern setting designed to enhance conversation and networking. Here are some new ways to think about little things that can change an atmosphere quickly and easily.

What’s Underfoot

When people are in an unfamiliar space, especially a large one like a convention centre, it can be easy to get disoriented or feel overwhelmed. Many facilities are using floor design or carpet tiles to support wayfinding and help lead guests along a recognizable path.

Want to take this even further? Give your delegates an extra edge by including subtle wayfinding hints in event collateral you share, before guests are even on site. Does the floor of your venue feature chevron arrows? You could work a chevron into a design of an invitation or agenda update to connect that symbol to the space they’ll eventually explore.

Small, But Special, Spaces

Collaboration is crucial at every event. Although traditional room set-ups like classroom or theatre never really go out of style, supporting education and learning through more informal, casual spaces and room designs are becoming more popular.

Breakout sessions are also becoming more interactive and hands-on. For these types of seminars, a room and its seating must be versatile and allow participants to move, interact and get engaged. Lots of free space between tables, comfortable chairs, and looser seating arrangements can all make a delegate feel invited to participate. Similarly, for panel speakers, planners are looking for a more informal, cozy and “lounge style” set-up. Many breakout and plenary sessions now include lounge chairs, coffee tables and modern dimmed lighting for a more inviting atmosphere for participants.

The Table Stakes

At any event, sitting down to a meal is a significant moment for delegates to connect. Today, we’re seeing more modern, sleek and simple looks on tables, often, black and white with a just a splash of color. Since promotional materials are often incorporated into the décor, and added to table settings to promote the specific event or meeting, they are often the basis for event colours and themes.
From a meeting perspective, using tables that don’t require linens offers an upscale look. Not only that, but linen-free tables give participants a clean and finished workspace surface, which can be especially inviting for more interactive, hands-on sessions.

Networking News

Décor and design choices can also help delegates connect throughout an event, and give a more dynamic feel to the space. Cluster seating that’s smaller in scale and easy to move offers participants a collaborative space. This type of set-up can be transformed throughout the life of an event to always support the needs of attendees, and refresh a space quickly and easily.

Lighting can also help give a space a more inviting, friendly feel. Gone are the days of just plain fluorescent lights. We love as much natural light as possible to help wake people up, and get them moving and engaged during interactive sessions. Dim lighting with light background music gives an intimate feel, and can help encourage one-on-one connections.

In Conclusion

From lighting to flowers, seating or flooring, décor gives your delegates a taste of what’s to come – even before any sessions get underway. And there are many ways design and décor options are evolving to provide extra functionality, not just a feeling. These elements can help delegates navigate a space, feel more comfortable, and get them involved and engaged in the sessions they attend.
To enhance the delegate experience, working with your venue can help you discover new décor ideas to explore for your next event, and make the most of how the space looks and feels.