When it comes to deciding on entertainment for your event, booking the right type for your chosen venue is really important – you don’t want to be squeezing a 10-piece band onto a tiny stage, or putting an acoustic duo in the middle of a field.

Usually, our very first concern around venues is choosing the best one for the best price, but how does the venue influence the rest of our decisions. Well, in many ways really, but overlook all of them in the interim and focus only on entertainment. How does choosing a venue affect the type of entertainment you can hire? Well, let me count the ways…

  1. Noise restrictions – Booking a five-member rock band in a venue with noise restrictions really doesn’t make much sense. When noise restrictions do apply, consider an acoustic duo or a silent disco.
  2. Curfew times – Take into consideration any curfew times and work this into your programme/schedule.
  3. Power points – Check that there are enough power points in the venue and that the power supplied is sufficient for what you had in mind.
  4. Space – If you have ample space to fill, your choices are merely limited by your budget. Magicians and entertainers always go down well. A magician walking around performing tricks is a great icebreaker while guests are having drinks, and an added bonus is a magician can work in the smallest of spaces. If you’ve a little more room and have the budget for it, how about having some jugglers or circus acts walking around the room.
  5. Atmosphere – Depending on the setting or the venue’s atmosphere – you could try to create an old-fashioned nightclub, think of the old style Hollywood movies for inspiration – black-tie clad musicians playing classic favourites – songs by the likes of Cole Porter and Noel Coward. A venue with a small, intimate dance floor and a couple of small tables alongside for chatting would be ideal for this type of entertainment. Alternatively, a string quartet gently playing as guests arrive creates a sophisticated atmosphere and a talking point for people who may not know one another.
  6. Mementoes – Many event planners are getting more creative when it comes to the entertainment they hire. One of my current favourites is hiring a caricaturist – this allows your guests to take home a portrait instead of a gift. A good artist will capture somebody’s likeness very quickly your guests will have a wonderful memento of your event. The same principles apply to the very popular – photo booths.

Consider the venue you’ve chosen, think about a few of these ideas and decide what you’re going to do.