We live in a world of increasing information overload.  Getting the message across in order to ensure that the receiver of the information in fact gets the actual message takes smart crafting of the spoken and written word.

More significant is the eyeball-to-eyeball contact within any type of people gathering.  Known as the MICE industry with the emphasis on conferences in this instance – SAACI Tshwane have designed a programme with a range of multifaceted required outcomes.

Together with the Tshwane Tourism Association this SAACI branch has themed their next gathering on Friday 15th September around a unique original venue known as SAAF  the oldest operational air force base in the world.  Coupled with a guided tour through the SAAF Museum as well as meeting a number of former Chiefs of the Air force.  Tshwane Tourism will be promoting tours via city hotels going forward.

The MICE Academy’s Professional Planner Standards’ initiative pointedly refers to the first tasks of all conceptual planning as (a) Determine the objectives and (b) Define the target audience.

Further objectives will be to generate donor funding in support of the SAAF Museum. Hear a talk on attraction management and include the youth either as assistants on the day or encouraging a career in event management.

Carrying the theme ‘Come Fly with Us’ through to responses being received by ‘Peggy Sue’ ( a female name of a past era) it is likely the planning will be an enjoyable undertaking as well.

Although the number of objectives and desired outcomes may prove a formidable task – the manner in which the programme has been designed should leave a lasting high message retention for all attendees.

SAACI Tshwane branch ‘Come Fly with Us’ is likely to be a sell-out. Potential attendees are advised to book early as with the limited seating, late bookers may be disappointed.

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