South Africa has been selected by luxury travel agencies across the globe as the number one adventure destination for the year in Virtuoso’s 2018 Luxe Report. “This is not surprising, given that South Africa is the perfect destination for adrenaline junkies with its diverse terrain and optimal climate for outdoor endeavours,” says Samuel Nassimov, Founder and Managing Director of Premier Hotels & Resorts.

He continues: “With 18 hotels, inns and resorts across the country, we offer guests accommodation options nearby world-class adventure activities – ranging from hiking, mountain biking and surfing, to paragliding, river rafting and horse-riding. Now, with the recent acquisition of Premier Resort Cutty Sark in KwaZulu-Natal, we have been able to add diving to the mix.”

The Resort has its very own on-site diving centre, ScubaXcursion, offering scuba and shark diving, as well as snorkelling experiences across an array of reefs within the Aliwal Shoal – one of the top 10 dive sites on the planet.

ScubaXcursion owner, Maaike Boers believes that scuba diving offers visitors an authentic African adventure thanks to the biodiversity found on South African dive sites, ranging from sharks, dolphins and whales, to turtles, barracuda and tropical fish. She adds that the appeal of scuba diving for adventure seekers lies in the feeling it gives of being in another universe and having the ability to fly. In fact, after her very first dive, she could not speak because she lacked the words to describe her experience to anyone who hadn’t been through it themselves.

Boers shares that the scuba experience offered at Premier Resort Cutty Sark is unique due to the Aliwal Shoal being a marine protected area and one of the most diverse dive sites in the world. Plus, it is home to two shipwrecks. “There are not many destinations where you can dive both reefs and wrecks in one place, meaning you are guaranteed to see something different every time you dive here. Divers also benefit from a special accommodation rate offered by the Resort.”

“Its location is ideal, as divers can eat, sleep and dive all in one place,” continues Boers. “What’s more, non-divers can enjoy the beautiful private beach, along with nearby attractions like the shopping centre, Crocodile World Conservation Centre and restaurants. It’s a one-stop holiday destination for the whole family.”

Tourists from all over the globe have sought adventure with ScubaXcursion. A TripAdvisor user from Texas shared: “Awesome school, fun people, fun dives, two years in a row and we’ve had fun both times. We’ll be back, hopefully in the not too distant future.” Another from Belgium said: “We had a great time not only in the water, but also before and after the dive because of the enthusiastic and experienced crew. Aliwal Shoal was the perfect place for our first dives and we were confident because of the well-maintained gear.”

Boers highly recommends diving to anyone wanting to escape to another world that’s peaceful, quiet and free from technology. “When you come out of the water, you feel relaxed and ready to face the world again.”

“With new and exciting adventures expected on every dive, visit Premier Resort Cutty Sark to experience first-hand why South Africa is 2018’s top adventure destination,” concludes Nassimov.

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