Proving their speed, accuracy and knowledge around setting up and running an exhibition, Exposure Marketing have emerged the winners of South Africa’s first SA Expo Games challenge for the exhibition industry.

Marking the international Global Exhibition Day (GED) on 6 June, AAXO and EXSA partnered with sponsors TicketPro Dome and Johannesburg Expo Centre to present the first GED Expo Games during MADEX at the Sandton Convention Centre.

The event, serving to raise awareness about the exhibition industry, as well as giving association members an opportunity to network and show off their skills, attracted 11 teams from leading exhibition organisers and suppliers across South Africa.

Participants competed in fun and interactive challenges including packing delegate bags and managing delegate registration and were judged on both their speed and accuracy in carrying out the tasks. Teams also took part in a hotly-contested exhibition industry quiz. Exposure Marketing emerged the first SA Expo Games champions and the team to top next year, finishing their challenges in the fastest time.  Participants had an opportunity to compare notes and network at a cocktail reception after the Games. In second place was DK & Friends, while the Reed Rebels took the third spot. The GL Avengers and Two Way Ducks shared the best dressed award.

“We were delighted at the success of the first SA Expo Games,” says AAXO President Carol Weaving. “The Games were designed as a fun way for industry professionals to network, but the event also underlined the incredibly high levels of expertise we have within the local exhibition industry. We all know that events teams are used to working under immense pressure, but the Expo Games illustrated just how quickly and efficiently our professionals can put together key components of an event, and how extensive their knowledge is.”

AAXO opened sales for Exhibition Of Exhibitions 2019 during Madex and Weaving reports that the response has been overwhelming, with close to 50% of the exhibition space already sold.

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