We are all constantly pressed to come up with amazing ideas to make the next event a ‘showstopper’ with shoestring budgets. How can event apps help? By Karmen Vladar
Recently, I stumbled upon an infographic in a blog post by world-leading event app gurus QuickMobile (‘6 Ways an Event App Reduces Event Costs’) and thought it would serve as a great reminder of the advantages of using event apps.

I’ve listed what I feel are the five most pertinent points below:

  1. Eliminate printing costs

Printing thick conference programmes or exhibitor guides? Think again! Reduce on-site signage, printed sponsorship collateral and printed schedules, and load them all in your event app.


  • All event information can be organised together, thus making sense of everything for delegates. For example, the schedule of the event can include timelines as well as speaker profiles and speaker presentations – all under one heading within the event app.
  • Eliminate capturing errors. Have a survey? Load it all digitally and eliminate the need for someone to capture answers manually.
  • Apply changes instantly. No more running back and forth from the printer. If any information needs to be changed, this can be done instantly for all to see.
  1. Reduce hardware required at your event

Consider the use of an event app to eliminate the hardware required for the following items:

  • Q&A sessions: Manage this all via your event app to eliminate the requirement for a roaming microphone system in each room.
  • Lead generation: Eliminate the need for an electronic lead generation system that costs you additional money. Do this all from within your event app. The benefit? Attendees will have the information of leads/contacts generated on their phone for future use.
  • Schedule updates: No longer are additional screens required for updates on items on the agenda. Simply publish these in your event app and send an announcement to all to take note of the changes.
  1. Reduce time spent on updating multiple systems

Update all information that delegates need access to (travel arrangement updates, schedule changes, room changes, etc.) on one central system and publish it for all to see.

Your event app gives attendees a multipurpose tool that helps them find their way, know where to be next and network at the event.

  1. Keep track of delegate requirements in real time

Know which delegates are attending which breakout sessions without having to spend hours on the phone with them – simply ask them in the event app. Also allow them to notify you of any dietary requirements or mobility issues beforehand.

  1. Prevent legal and security issues

Allow attendees to opt in or out of pre-, mid- and post-event communications. You also have the option to display a disclaimer within your event app for delegates to accept. User permissions can also be defined beforehand and the appropriate access to assets can be set up accordingly. Secure login and security across the app protects your information.

Can you think of any additional examples of how you can save by making use of an event app?